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Dennis has a work printer that we have told Caroline she is not allowed to touch. This morning as I was feeding Mason I hear the printer. I say to Caroline, “you touched Daddy’s printer and you know you aren’t allowed to do that. So you need to stop touching it.” She says, “but how?” (A very common phrase these days). I say, “you don’t put your fingers on it that’s how.” Then she says, “but you’re my best friend.” Cue big sad eyes. 

Oh brother. 

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The Shining 

Anytime Caroline rides this tricycle, it reminds me of The Shining.

Anytime she is talking to her imaginary friends, I wonder is this the healthy play I did as a child or is she talking to some demon who is telling her she should kill her family. 

I’ve obviously watched one too many horror movies. 





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Little girl 


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Screw shoes 

Caroline prefers to be bare foot. She will wear her shoes for daycare but that’s about it. Guess she wants to take that off of the table too. 

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Willing it 

If I will it to be summer it shall be so. 

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Nap time 

Fell asleep on drive to park. I knew she was going to fall asleep, especially because I decided to go to a larger park outside of our neighborhood. 

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Finders keepers 

Caroline found a hat today on our way to a friend’s party. 

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My new trick 

Came home today, and Caroline started winking at me. 

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The Nutcracker

We went to the Nutcracker, and it was a hit! We got great seats for the girls; front row, mezzanine. Caroline danced almost the entire time, and hasn’t stopped since. She calls the area rug in our living room her stage. And she will dance, but then tell you it’s not the end. Then when she tells you it’s the end, that’s your cue to clap.

IMG_2087 IMG_2081 IMG_2092

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Random stuff

IMG_2240 IMG_2188 IMG_2186 IMG_2184 IMG_2166_2 IMG_2123 IMG_2116 IMG_2080


Hanging out with Mason and the dogs. We got a fish. It’s already dead. Addison’s 4th birthday. Enrolled in dance class and enjoyed her tap shoes.

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