Caroline Michele Fowler

A day in her life

Cleaning time 

Dennis got the vacuum out and Caroline insisted on getting hers from upstairs. She mirrored everything he did. The cutest part was when he used the hose to get in the corners and under stuff, she used her hose which also detaches and cleaned under Tucker’s bed, the coffee table and around Snickers’ kennel. The best part was when Dennis put the vacuum away in the garage, she put hers right next to it. 


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This morning I was feeding baby brother his bottle. We were in his room, and Caroline asked what is that? I told her that’s the humidifier. Then she repeated the word, her eyes got real wide, and she asked, there’s fire in there!

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. 


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Best friends

Without fail every time I reprimand Caroline she says, “but you’re my best friend.” She did this once a while back, but it has become habitual. 

When you tell her something she doesn’t want to hear, she will furrow her brows, scrunch up her nose and say, “look at my face. I’m mad.” 


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Her happy place 

Caroline loves anything to do with water, particularly when it’s pool season.  


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Yay for dance class and apple slices


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Splash pad fun

Vegas is littered with splash pads.  This is one of the more basic type, but still brings loads of fun. 



Easter 2015

2015-04-05 13.22.17 2015-04-05 13.22.19 2015-04-05 13.32.18 2015-04-05 13.32.21

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I’m Three!

The theme for Caroline’s third birthday was Tinkerbell Pirate Fairy based off of the movie, which is one of Caroline’s favorites.

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Dennis has a work printer that we have told Caroline she is not allowed to touch. This morning as I was feeding Mason I hear the printer. I say to Caroline, “you touched Daddy’s printer and you know you aren’t allowed to do that. So you need to stop touching it.” She says, “but how?” (A very common phrase these days). I say, “you don’t put your fingers on it that’s how.” Then she says, “but you’re my best friend.” Cue big sad eyes. 

Oh brother. 

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The Shining 

Anytime Caroline rides this tricycle, it reminds me of The Shining.

Anytime she is talking to her imaginary friends, I wonder is this the healthy play I did as a child or is she talking to some demon who is telling her she should kill her family. 

I’ve obviously watched one too many horror movies. 





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