Caroline Michele Fowler

A day in her life

The spatula 


As we were leaving for the pool, Caroline raided one of the kitchen drawers. She took the ice cream scooper, a melon baller and a spatula. She wanted to take them to the pool. I, wanting to just get out of the house, said yes. So she puts them in the pool bag, and we are off. By the time we got to the pool, I had already forgotten them. Then at bag check, the guy looks at me perplexed, pools out the kitchen utensils and says, “umm mame…” I said, “Oh my toddler just pulled them out.” Still confused, he says, “what does she do with them.” I realize this guy does not have kids because no body with kids would ever ask that question. Kids pull out the weirdest objects and play with them. Any parent knows this. He goes on to say, “I just don’t think we can let this in because of the edges.” I say, “okay, just hold it up at the front desk.” 

As we were leaving, I tell the lady, “this is going to sound strange but you are holding my spatula.” 

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I bought Caroline a preschool work book just because I saw it and thought she might enjoy it. Boy does she ever. It’s all she wants to do. She calls it her puzzles. 


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First haircut 

I took Caroline with me to my stylist. We didn’t take too much length off. Just cleaned it up so it would be healthy. She did great. 


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A mother’s love…

“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.”   Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie is one of my favorite authors. I’ve read nearly all of her books. Interestingly, I read this quote at some point in my life, but only now does it resonate.

Even though I thought I would never have kids, I was destined to have Caroline. A destiny I embrace every day, even if it’s laced with a bit of exasperation from time to time. I loved Caroline before she even came into this world, and my love for her grows every day. It’s a physical emotion if there even is such a thing. One look, and it feels as if my heart is actually swelling. So, now when I read this quote, I don’t just read it, I embody it, and will until the day I die.

I love you Caroline. May you never, ever question that one truism.

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But I’m not a bird.

This picture hangs in Caroline’s room. Tonight Caroline says, “I lay in a nest.” To which I think, what? Then she says, “when I was a baby I was a bird, but I’m not a bird.”

I guess it does look like a nest. 

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Big Girl Car Seat 

Time to upgrade Caroline, so we can stop using the carrier car seat for Mason. 


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Mother’s Day 2015

I suggested we go to the Bellagio to see the gardens and fountains, mainly because I knew Caroline would enjoy it. Always a Mommy. 


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Count down 

Caroline and I did a little craft project to count down our days until our beach trip. Sometimes I’m the crafty Mom. Not often, but sometimes. 


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I’m Mommy.

Caroline is not allowed to touch the computer, and that includes the iPad. To get around this she says, “I’m Mommy, and you Caroline. No touch.” 

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